Being on this missing list does not mean that you do not know where you are or that we do not care about you. It just means that we have no information with which to contact you. 

Classmates, if you know how to find any of thes these people send the committee an email to:

Susan Lynn Abernathy                                         
Mary Adams
James F. Armstrong                                      
Thomas F. Ashbaucher
Fredrick Augdahl
Ellen Beggs
Wendy Blatchley Fraser
William Bleck
Richard Botthof
Candace Brightman
Kenneth Brittin
James F. Browning
Carol Bruce Calvert
Michelle A. Caniff
C. Richard Carpenter
Bob Cate
Ronnie Chester
David I. Cohen
James Cole
Susan Marie Dahlheimer
Mary Celeste Delany
Diane E. Douglas
Donnelly Eustis Rembert
Diane Evans
Barbara Farnum
Kathryn Fields
Barbara Finkle
Sarah C. Finzer
Judy Fowler Quealy
Duncan S. Fox
Thomas B. Garner
Terry Genins
Lorraine L. Giuffre
Patty Groen
J. Evelyn Hapke
Christopher B. Hixon
Gail Humphrey
Ronnie Jones
Paula Juergen
Karol E. Kaye
Bob Kilesau
Bonnie Klauke Flader
Elise M. Kock
Russell S. Kynoch
Peter Lee
Frank Leibert
Dale L. Lucas
Ron Mac Rae
Elaine Anne Mayfield
Peter McMullen
Christopher R. Miner
Joellen Miskimins
Jill Ann Morgan
Robert J. Neumark
Joyce Norgard
John J. O'Connor
Alexander Ohliger
Gregory Owen
Janet Owens
Esther Perryman
I. Peter Pesson
P. Wayne Pettengill
Susan T. Pitt
Suzanne Punch
Carol Rennville
Catherine Rey
Roberta Jean Riker
Donna Louise Rudy
Alberta Schreiber
Geraldine F. Sheridan
Edward Sholes
Jack Skinner
Stephen Landee Smith
Judith Springer
Trimble Marcia Steinbrecher Russell
Richard G. Tarnoff
R. Dennis Thomason
Anita Tucker
Alvaro Vazquez
Rega Von Kruedener
Walter Weismiller
Beverly A. West
Virgillia H. White
John D. Woltz
Kathe Wright