The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.                      

Meri Kay Aldridge Carpenter
Lori Klein Adamek
Gordon Adams
Roger J. Anderson
Susan Aron Adler 
Betsy Baer Rosenbluth
Richard Barnicke
Marshall Behn
Leslie "Jack" Allen Bell
Pamela Berg
Robert Keith Bernsten
George R. Bladen
F. Kent "Rick" Blatchford
Stanley L. Bodman
Charles A Bolles
S. James Booth
Donald J. Boudart
Frances A. Boyer
James H. Bradshaw
George Brandenburg
Susan F. Burchmore Berryhill
William M. Burrows
Katherine B. Butz Bach
Julia Butow
Thomas C. Calloway
Bonnie J. Campbell
Elaine B. Chess
James W. Childs
Richard J. Clayton
Arthur (Dave) Cloud
John T. Coelln
Rich Curvey
John Danforth
Sheldon J. Davis
Phyllis Dean
Norman E. Deletzke
Peter S. Dillingham
Donald J. Domenick
Dennis Donegan
Robert C. "Stormy" Douglas
Clare Eddy Lay
James M Edmonds
Robert H. Eisen
Susie Feldman
Michael Fagen
James L. Fessenden
Donna Flarsheim Nadeau
Steven Fleisher
William W. Fox
Robert Dennis Fraser
Katherine Freeman Rowell
Alan Freihage
David W. Frese
Dirk Lapperre
Gail Fron Llewellyn
Thomas B. Garner
Joann J. Ginsberg Panzer
Linda Glasser Cohen
Patricia A. Gobeil Jolley
Thomas C. Graf
Barbara H. Graham Arlow
Carl Griggs
Michael S. Grossman
Melinda Guttman
Katharine Hair Mallinger
Edward A. Halperin
Robert M. Hambourger  
Henry R. Harrington
ELizabeth Hoehn Wilderman
William Horstings
Norma Horton Eason
Robert Hovey
David Hust
Murray S. Jacobson
Judith R. Johnsen
Gerald W. Johnson
David R. Jones
Ronald P. Kanow
Arthur E. Keating
Fred J. Keller
Barbara D. Kimball
Lori Klein Adamek
Bruce R. Knapp
Hilary J. Koss, Jr.
William W. Krueger
Shelia R. Kulbarsh
Susan Kurz Izard
Patrick Lahey
Dirk Lapperre
Linden Lavender
Louise Leonard Wilson
Rita Louise Letsinger
Carol Linster Stone
Phillip Luensman
David Lynch
Nan Lynde Phillips
William MacArthur
Patrick J. MacFarland
Mary Mallegg
Thomas  Manaster
Susan Markham Delosch
Harry R. Martin
Steven P. Mathey
Jerome C. McCarthy
Neil R. McCarthy
Patricia A McGuire Louis
Michael L. McLoney
Edward F.  Mee
Andrew T. Meredith
Joan L. Mizell
Ken Nichols
Judith Niederberger Moss
Gerald C. North
Deborah Sanders Roberts
Foster Parsons
James Patch
Charles W. Paul
Charles D. Peacock
Valerie Percy
Beverly Peticlair Rowland
Susan D. Pollak
Gail Pritkin
David L. Rachlin
Julie Ray Helm

Sandra Rawlings Aucunas 
Linda Raymond Bracht
Wendie S. Reinish Oppenheimer
Tim Renn
Chuck Richtymre
Deborah Sanders Roberts
Thomas P. Rogers
Emalie Schoen Gutterman
Warren Schultz
Richard A. Seltzer
Frank Sheehan
Kathy Simon Poster
Susan Diane Sinek
Julian M. Sloane
Eugene R. Smith
Richard H. Spero
Judith A. Stalnecker
Janet F. Stevens Henn
Susan J. Stingl Hale
John H. Stockton
Frank E. Sublett
Steven R. Swarzman
Kathleen E. Syfert
Thomas H. Taubensee
Barbara Thiele Mecklenburg
J. Dennis Thoman
Stanley Thompson
Robert Tokarsky
James H. Traweek
Lawrence  S. Treby
David Twedt
J. Carole VanGallow
Gerald I. Voss
Robert J. Wagner
Linda Ware Bragg
James H. Wells
Sue Wetzel Lindstrom
Charles Wiley
Stephen F. Wishart
Gretchen Wolf Hargis
David W. Woollett
Albert S. Zeller
Jon T. Zielke

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Bonnie Campbell

July 9th, 1944 - December 8th, 2012

Bonnie passed away peacefully .  She has been my friend since the summer of 1958.  Life was getting very difficult for her, she is now at peace.

Dolores Carlson Lindmark



Gretchen Hargis (Wolf)

- - August 17th, 2005


  Gretchen was born to Carl E. Wolf of Cincinnati and Helen Sprietsma Wolf of Holland, Michigan, in Washington, D.C. She grew up in Wilmette and Northfield, Illinois, and spent summers with her maternal grandmother in Holland, MI. 

Gretchen graduated from New Trier High School and from McGill University in Montreal, worked as an editor for Science Research Associates, a textbook and exam publisher in Chicago, and moved to Palo Alto in 1969. She continued to work for SRA until the Palo Alto branch closed in 1984, then transferred to IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory as a technical editor, writer and manager. At IBM she led the writing team for Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors, and she was involved in the promotion of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), which started at IBM and is now an industry standard for technical writing.

Gretchen was part of the Dymaxion Dance group, a regular at the Yoga Center of Palo Alto and a certified yoga instructor, an active member of Wesley church in Palo Alto, CA, a person who loved languages, gardening, sewing and riding her bicycle. Gretchen died of respiratory failure due to chronic lymphocytic leukemia, haviing been diagnosed with the disease in the fall of 2003. 

She is greatly missed by all who knew her, especially her immediate family: her daughter, Kathryn Hargis, her husband, Tom Sharp, and her brother, Gerrit Wolf. Donations of any amount may be made to the Helen Sprietsma Wolf and Gretchen Hargis Memorial Fund at Hope College, Advancement Office, P.O. Box 9000, Holland, MI 49422-9000.


Deborah Roberts (Sanders)

- - March 6th, 2012

Deborah Roberts will be missed greatly by her son and daughter.  She was a very good mother and loving wife.  She spent the last 10+ years in Pinellas County Florida, with her sick husband, tending to his needs and working a government job.  She would have enjoyed seeing all of her old class-mates and catching up on old times.  Unfortunately, when she lost her husband she was unable to fill the void.  She wanted to be with him, so her will for that was greater than anything else.  I'm sure she would love to be there celebrating and catching up on old times with her class-mate; because Debbie loved nothing more than a good party.  So, class of 1962,  just know that she is there with you in spirit


Deborah Sanders Roberts passed on the 6th of March 2012.  She died of kidney failure at a Hospice House in Palm Harbor Fl.  She leaves behind a son, Christopher; daughter, Amanda; and four beautiful grandchildren, Graham, Andrew, Abigail, and Miles.